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I hold on to the idea of you

A fantasy from an interaction that felt like it came out of a fantasy

You embodied kindness

And I was taken aback by your respect for me  

I feel like every person we encounter is there for a reason 

A lesson teaching us what we are worth

What we should avoid 

What comes first

I'm disconcerted by my alert to your beaming heart

That shows nothing by light

You seemed kind of shy

And you left me feeling like I 

Can still sometimes be shy

When I feel your eyes

Brushing across my side

Your sweet and innocent kiss

Showed me what I miss

The intimacy I crave 

The intimacy that I chase

With one night with you

I saw all of my possibilities 

What I could & should be feeling

Your comfort was healing 

The wounds that stung

From the last sting 

That I became so accustomed to feeling

Enough pain that could last me a lifetime

And you were my twinkle of hope in the darkness. 

You saved me from complete hopelessness.

One night could get deep.

You never know your effect on people

Until they say how much it cut deep

How much they didn't want to leave 

Now I'm not so afraid to put my heart on my sleeve

Because even though we are not meant to be

I have learnt I have much more to see

You have managed to uplift me

And my spirits.

-Warda Yussuf