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Dana By Showari Ally

Me and Dana though, that came about kinda weird. I would see
this girl every day, and never felt anything for her, that was just
Dana, like I said we were cool. Until one day she must have come
to visit me inside, listen when I tell you, I was shocked to see her
sat at the table when the officers brought me out, but I appreciated
it a lot still.

“Look at yourself J. What are you doing here man?”

she questioned me, with some sad type of look
on her face. “Remember how when we were younger you talked
about how you wanted to move your mum away from here when
you grew up.... I don’t like seeing you like this, you need to fix
up J, i mean it” she hugged me quick and left, because the officer
must have been saying 5 more minutes for the past 15 minutes. It
was that day that I realised a lot about

Her visits became more frequent, and we started
to talk about a lot to each other, this girl made me open up to her
differently. She’d tell me about her life and what went on, and I
ended up telling her things back without even realising it. She
must have written to me one day, and the letter read,


Listen jay,
I’ve known you since we were younger, and we’ve always been
cool. It’s hard for me to say this to you because I’m scared of how
you’ll react, or how you’re gonna take it, I know I can’t see your
face as you read this, which sort of makes it easier. Look, I’m
even waffling now, I just want you to know that I wanna be there
for you, for good. I think i’m in love with you J.

That was that.

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