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Dana By Showari Ally

I’m not the emotional type, I take things in and keep things
moving, but I was touched that she wanted to hold me down. So I
went with it. Dana.

A year on, we’ve had the arguments, fights and what not. Normal.
It was still me and Dana. Things were going smoothly, until one
night at mine, she left her phone unlocked on the sofa next to me
whilst she went to get something from co-op. You know that
Whatsapp notification that comes in, there must have been about
1o messages come in one go. I hesitated, cos I knew if Dana ever
went through my phone, this whole situation would have been
wrapped, but she’s a harmless girl so who could it be? I went
through her phone. The messages I saw said a lot, but it’s been
time and I know how to forgive. She said her bit, apologised and
we kept it moving.

*A week later*

“Are you sure J, you don’t have to you know, I don’t mind” she
said on the phone.

 Yeah, I’m gonna meet you later
today, take you out for a little shopping, grab a bite to eat and
that,” I wanted to treat her right, in the bigger picture, she held me
down. I told her to get ready, I was gonna go pick her up and
spend the day with her make her feel nice. I picked her up, it was
3’oclock, dark cos the sun had gone now. Bicester. Headed in that
direction, and made a stop at the services on the way, she left her
phone again whilst she went to the toilet, and the Whatsapp
notifications are flying in like they were the other day. I didn’t

even hesitate this time. She’d saved him under some emoji, I
think so that I couldn’t guess who it was if I was to see it again.
That was it though.

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