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Secrets By Showari Ally

A little bit about me, is that I’m not easily influenced by things. I
never have been, and I always have my guard up, whether you are
male or female, a lot of experiences have taught me to always be
cautious when it comes to new people. Another thing is, I’m not
good at dealing with emotions, so I tend to come across as closed
off, but I’m not on the inside. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not cold
hearted or anything, I’m a nice girl if I do say so myself.

Back to Jerrell now, he was NICE. Don’t think I haven’t noticed
him, noticing me. He looked nice from his pictures, and he was a
gym guy. What guy isn’t a gym guy these days ay? He was tall,
from the looks of it, he was dark-skinned and he had a nice trim.
His teeth looked white from his pictures too, overall he looked
like he looked after himself well.

We’re messaging back and forth “I’m from west London, I
graduated university two years ago, I’ve been working with this
pharmaceutical firm since. I’m single, went thru a bad breakup
and my focus on women went out the window for a bit. I aint on
games either so I’d rather work on what’s important right now. I
live on my own, and I go gym regularly... lool what else wld u
like to know?” He was answering all the questions I asked him,
and obviously `I answered his questions too. I wasn’t convinced
though, a big man like him with all that going for him, talking to

me on twitter through direct message. “Listen, I’m liking what
I’m hearing from you. I would like to take you out on Saturday
night if you’re not busy’’ I mean... we just started talking, and
already he’s asked to take me out. I’m not an eager person, but I
guess a little date wouldn’t hurt would it? Saturday it is then.

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