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Tricked III By Showari Ally


Marcus is still denying anything between him and this girl. At this point I’m tired of hearing what he has to
say, my heart has told me to forgive and I’ve done that, but why are we still in this situation? My question is
how did she get a key to my house? I’ve told him to leave me alone for a while. I need space. To think, to
put two and two together. I’m shocked that he’d let her come into the place where we both lay together.

I’m over it. I think. I just want my own life back, if that means without him then so be it. I love him a lot but I
don’t need the drama.

I clear up the mess she’s made, and take a shower. I pack an overnight bag and head out to go and stay at
my mum’s. I need some time to think, I need to breathe and I can’t think straight right now. I hop in the car,
and drive. I get to mum’s house and she’s in the living room watching tv, she can tell that something is up
but I don’t want to alarm her. I tell her everything is ok. She asks me if its Marcus, and I tell her no. I feel bad
for lying, but we aren’t even together so what will she think of him if I tell her he’s done this to me already.
Putting my life at risk because of another girl. I can’t believe he could be so selfish, after everything. I’ve
tried to be there for him as best I can but it’s whatever. I sit on the sofa, open twitter and scroll through the
timeline, it’s so weird how whenever you’re going through a situation relatable tweets want to appear one
after another. “Sabrina” I hear mum call out, I was so lost in my phone that she made me jump. “Mum” I
reply. “I’ve been calling your name for ages, are you sure you’re ok my love” she asks, sounding concerned.
“Yeah mum, I’m good” I shut her down. She can be nosy at the best of times and she’s just going to cause a
scene. Or she’s just gonna tell me she told me not to get involved with him in the first place. I get my bag
out of the car, I realise I’ve forgotten my migraine medication behind. “Mum, is there anything you need?
I’m just going out” I call out to her. She looks troubled, “what’s wrong mum?” I ask her, “oh nothing love,
remember that girl Miah, the one who Mrs Olayinka fosters because her mum was in our care home, she’s
been reported missing ever since her mum died” “wow that is awful mum” I reply in distress. I drive the
back way home, in silence. My mind is just every where, I miss Marcus, and I’ve never actually gone a whole
day without seeing his face or talking to him, I don’t know if I’m going to adjust. I pull up outside, and just
slump back into my chair for a sec. The anxiety right now is so real. I unlock the door and walk into the dark
corridor. I turn the TV on for background noise, and go upstairs. I’m rummaging around for my migraine
medicine but I can’t seem to find it anywhere, I look in the bathroom, in the drawers, in my bag, still
nothing. I sit down on my bed to try and think about where I placed it.. I hear the TV turn OFF. I gasp.
Someone is in my house. The only way the TV would make that sound is if someone has manually turned it
off, but...

“Marcus” I call down. Nothing. “Hello”. Nothing. I start to panic; I think it’s her. I call Marcus. “There’s
someone in the house, and I think its her. I need you to come over quick.” I whisper. “Hello” I call out again.
This time I can hear things being broken in the kitchen, sounds like dishes are being smashed everywhere. I
look around for something to use as a weapon but I can’t find anything. I put the voice recorder on my
phone on, I need any evidence in case things get that far. I creep down the stairs; my heart is racing. I’m
going to kill that stupid boy. I get to the bottom of the stairs, “Zane?” I call out. I must be hallucinating
because there’s no one down here. I sit on the sofa, “Marcus, where are you? You don’t need to come
anymore. There’s no one here” I say to him. He sounds confused. “Are you playing games with me Sabrina?”
he cuts the phone before I can say anything back.

“Tell him not to come” she says from behind me. I don’t even want to turn around, I don’t want to look her
in the face. I stand up and look into the mirror above the fireplace, my mouth drops with shock.


I’ve been trying to get to Sabrina since she called me, but still no response. I jump in my car, and I’m on my
way to her. My phone beeps, I ignore it. It beeps again. I see a unknown number on the notification screen,
I recognize the last three digits though - 116. I unlock my phone and lose focus of the road, by the time I
look, boom...


I’m praying that Marcus walks in any minute from now, I don’t know what else this girl is capable of. I see
something shining in the reflection of the mirror. She’s looking me in the eye, whilst holding a piece of
broken glass in her hand, she tells me to sit down. She hands me her phone, and says “listen and listen
carefully. If you make the wrong move, I’ll cut you. You want to be careful because, you don’t know what
people are carrying these days.” “Type in your date of birth” she says to me. I look at her, and say “MY date
of birth?” I look at her from head to toe. I’m going to kill Marcus I say aloud. She laughs hysterically. “DID I
STUTTER?” she says I type in 150495. It unlocks, and my mouth drops when I see Marcus, as her home
screensaver, a picture I’ve never seen before. She tells me “go to messages” I open her messages; I see the
name “my love” and I screw. I’m triggered when I see a message of him telling her, “you’re the only girl I’m
talking to like that, I want to be there for you, baby”. Baby? He calls me his baby, what is this meant to
mean? I scroll through some more, and she tells me to open up twitter, she directs me to a tweet of mine
where I had mentioned that I was missing someone. I ask ‘’what makes you think I’m talking about him?” I
know who you are, I’ve been watching you. I’ve been watching him. Only thing is, he doesn’t love you. He
loves me, he told me loves me one day when we were on the phone together, and I felt it. He’s the only one

who has genuinely appreciated me for me, and that’s why you can’t have him. She breaks down and starts
crying. She’s holding the glass to her wrist. She starts to cut herself and I watch her blood trickle down onto
my floor. “Woah. Miah stop” I try not to say anything to alarm her. I can’t let this girl kill herself in my house,
as much as I want her to die. “Don’t you dare say that name to me.” She shouts at me. She stops crying
instantly. “I don’t know what you want from me” I scream at her. “ I didn’t hurt you. He did. Why are you out
to get me?’’.


Seeing how beautiful she is, is making me even more upset. I can’t help but notice the picture of them
together, he looks so happy. I feel so worthless stood here cutting myself in front of this bitch. Someone
has to pay. “Listen. You’re going to help me kill Marcus” I look at her, not sure of what she’s going to reply.
“can’t you see that he’s played us both, he’s a dog, a fuckboy that wanted a bit more than he can handle.
Look at what he’s done to me, look at what he’s done to us. He’s torn us apart” she looks at me in a very
strange way and says “what has he done?” I look at her, and say “look at how we’ve met, I’ve been watching
you for time we could’ve been best friends, and now look at what he’s done.” I go closer to her face and
stroke it gently, “can’t you see that he doesn’t like you? Awww you’re so gullible. Everything you thought
you had with him was in your pretty little mind. It’s okay to be delusional sometimes” I sit down on the sofa.
I close my eyes. I remember the first time he took me on a date, he made me dress up nice, there were two
guys walking in front of us and they were looking at me, he saw them and put his arm around me. I told
you he loves me. She doesn’t seem hurt by anything I’m saying, why isn’t she crying? I switch it up and say
“I remember the first time he made love to me. He made me get on top of him, and I remember making
him feel so good. It was real good, so passionate and so intimate. I remember being on my knees, I didn’t
want to stop. But he stopped, he stopped wanting me so I begged him for more, and I kept begging him
for more, every time he would tell me its over, every time he would tell me to leave him alone, I’d go back
and I’d beg, I’d force my way in, I’d tell him that my mum died and I’d pretend to be hurt, because I never
mentioned that I was the one who suffocated her, because her boyfriend raped me and left me even when I
cried and begged him to stop. She never believed me, no one ever believed me. I told mum time and time
again, and she kept telling me to stop lying. She pushed me away, she made me change my name, she
made me become Zane, and then she became sick. It was like revenge, she had stopped loving me because
I became sick, and so I had stopped loving her. I hated her for making me feel so alone in this world, and
right after, he came into my life. Marcus. He came in and made me feel like I was loved again, just by
showing me the attention I never had from who it mattered from the most. Everything was going so well, in
my mind. Until the day I saw the tweet that drove me over the edge, it was a picture of her and he had
pinned it up on his profile. I would check day, and night. She was there for days, weeks, and months. I
became hurt because he was taken from me so soon, sooner than I had wanted. The way my dignity was
taken by my mum’s boyfriend.


I guess that is where I learnt, how to take and interfere with what isn’t mine.

I thrive off of attention that I don’t deserve and that’s why I was out to get this girl more than anything. The
plot only thickens because, her mum used to take care of mine before she was released to come home,
before I eventually killed her. I knew Sabrina way before she had even known Marcus and that is why I am
out to finish her. She can’t have it all, the nice life, the good job, the good guy. No one should be allowed
to have that amount of happiness without a bit of suffering. I was tricked, so now I’m going to trick. To get
what’s mine. I’m a liar, and I deceive people, I hide the true me. Only because I want to be happy too. I love
Marcus and he loves me. She’s beautiful, and peaceful. I need to take her away from him and I’ll do what I
can to make sure he falls in love with me. “I want you to set him up, so WE can kill him” I say to her. She
doesn’t hear me. “Did you hear me?” I ask her again. She shakes her head. “Why Miah? What has he done
to you?” she asks me. My heart sinks, because I know he hasn’t done anything but push me away. “He has
given me Chlamydia, Herpes and Gonorrhoea” I blurt out without thinking, “he told me not to say anything
to anyone, he’s probably given it to you too.” I feel bad, but I feel good inside. “Your perfect little Marcus
has lied to you from day one, he’s played the both of us from day one” I smirk.


She puts her head down and it seems as if she’s crying. I reach out to touch her face, she pushes my hand away. “Enough” she shouts. “I don’t want to hear about you and Marcus anymore. I have had enough.” “Just tell me what you want me to
do to him”...


I believe her weirdly enough; no girl could be that crazy enough to make all of this up. I mean, I know
Marcus, he’s a lovely guy. He gets girls, and he loves the attention too. She’s right maybe we do need to kill

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