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Healthy Reminder

Sometimes what you perceive to be your biggest weakness is what draws people in - your ability to see within yourself means you're exposing yourself to every side of you. And with our overly critical minds, we often see the dark sides more, blinding us to the immense beauty within - a light that continues to shine. What you may deem weird, I think is real, raw and honest. 

Life can be difficult - it's difficult to deal with emotions. It is something we cannot teach, or learn through the lenses of other people's experiences. It is a journey that may resemble others, but remains to be unique to you. I hope the pain and suffering you choose to endure will open you up to the beautiful, life-long lessons that inspires you to be great. That inspires you to uplift one another, so that you may never knowingly inflict such pain onto others. I hope you recognise your raw energy, because you're beautiful. You are strong. And you are bold.

-Warda Yussuf