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Before we get into foreplay, let’s have a go with word play. You know, like how you play with your words before you play with me.

It’s playtime. But before we play foreplay, can we pause and take five? Take it in.


Time’s ticking and I can hear your chime. Ringing and pulsating. Your eyes are calling me, but I seemed to have missed your call. Distracted. Now I see your face. Admiring your clock, picturing where I want to place my two hands.


Trying to read your body language, you’re speaking to me in multiple tongues, but I can speak in one tongue. Allow my tongue to do the talking. Starting to whisper in your ear in Spanish, as I’m pulling down your Frenchies.


I don’t understand what you’re saying, but I understand what you’re moaning. I’m not listening, but I can hear you. You want me to take you to the point of no return. Push past all the boundaries. Break-in through the restricted access.


Playing with your body while I’m playing on your mind. Can you feel it coming? Can you feel the adrenaline rush? Can you feel me playing with your soul? Playtime’s over.

-Shenola Darbeau